SafeSpace’s initial center will be located near schools in downtown Menlo Park with San Jose and Oakland to follow closely. Clinical services will be provided by BACA, a SafeSpace center affiliate. These practitioners will be overseen by the BACA Clinical Director Tom Tarshis, MD, MPH.  Tom is the founding psychiatrist of Bay Area Children’s Association (BACA) and has specific expertise in the provision of adolescent mental health care. Our Executive Director, Chris Tanti, was the inaugural CEO of headspace Australia. Over a ten-year period, he oversaw the development of 100 centers and developed an online therapy platform.


  • Is a local, friendly, vibrant center that young people 12-26 can make an appointment when they aren’t feeling like themselves.

  • You will be greeted by someone who cares and will listen, in order to get you on a path to feeling well again.

  • Will provide early stage mental health care through BACA's licensed therapists

  • A plan will be designed specifically for the client, with his/her involvement, and could involve group or family therapy.

  • Since we realize that this can be uncomfortable and stigmatized, we are working with teens and young adults to design the centers and programs specifically for young people.


Work with school communities to:

  • Guide students, teachers and parents to identify and support young people struggling with mental health issues

  • Integrate our services seamlessly with schools through the teachers, coaches and admin

  • Engage young people to advocate for themselves by establishing a youth advisory board.

  • Create awareness of SafeSpace through student led school clubs