Our Mission

SafeSpace is a non-profit dedicated to revolutionizing the way young people ages 12 - 26 get early access to mental health services. Based on the proven headspace Australia model, SafeSpace is a friendly place for youth to go, to get confidential help from someone who will listen and not judge them.




What We Are

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menlo park

SafeSpace’s initial outpatient clinic is located near schools in downtown Menlo Park. Clinical services will be provided by child and adolescent psychiatrists,  psychologists and social workers.


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online - coming soon

Online access to youth-oriented professional clinicians offering support designed for young people and will listen at a time and place that is most comfortable.



Meeting Youth Where They Are

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Youth Oriented

SafeSpace is designed for youth by youth to provide licensed, professional, outcomes based therapy both in person and online. The center will be a comfortable, welcoming place to enter to speak to someone who will listen and help youth at the first sign they aren't feeling like themselves. SafeSpace clinicians will listen and discuss a game plan to get the individual moving forward. This could involve appointments with a therapist, group therapy and family therapy. We understand that reaching out for assistance to achieve mental wellness can be scary and stigmatized and that is why we are developing a youth advisory board to learn from and build a program that is meaningful and comfortable for teens and young adults.



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The Youth Advisory Board will promote SafeSpace through school clubs, community outreach at youth events such as school sporting events, theater productions, etc. Youth will have a major impact on the awareness and utilization of services through student, teacher and parent forums at school functions and communications, as well as the design of the centers.